Sonja MooreI was born and raised in London, England. With an English mother and a Croatian father, things were bound to get interesting. Some of my earliest memories are of the mix of languages spoken around the dining table, with my mother inserting the odd Croatian word into the conversation and my father actually managing to decline English nouns. Thanks to my father’s relative distaste for England (despite having lived there for years), summer vacations were spent escaping to the Continent. I got my first passport before the age of 5. Before the age of eleven, I had already set foot in Croatia, Bosnia, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany and the United States.

It was on a trip to Switzerland at the age of about 11 that I began taking photographs. My first camera was a third model Kodak Brownie 127. It was boxy and plastic. My father bought me some 12 exposure, black and white film. During that trip, I took a total of 36 shots. I still remembering waiting two weeks for the film to be developed. When we finally picked up the photos, I was enthralled. Obviously, some of them never made it to paper but a few of them were remarkably good. And, I was hooked.

My interest in photography never waned and it followed me throughout my teenage years, all the way to adulthood. During my student days at the University of Leeds, my artistry was limited to snapshots of friends. I busied myself with classes and socializing and my camera stood idly by.  It was not until trips to live in Germany and then France that I renewed my interest in taking photographs. With so many new places to see, I purchased my second camera, a Kodak Euro 35. It seemed so sleek after the boxiness of the Brownie. Compared to today’s technology, it looks like an item in a Smithsonian Institution exhibit. Sadly, I have no idea where all those prints ended up. It seems as if vast regions of my past have been erased.Sonja Moore

After several years living in France and Germany, I moved to the United States. I pursued a graduate degree at Penn State University and eventually moved to the Washington D.C. area. Marriage and work kept me busy and away from the camera for far too many years. During two driving trips across country, I renewed my interest in documenting what I saw but, again, most of those photos ended up in boxes, ignored and fading.

In recent years, digital photography has captured my imagination. I enjoy the benefits of clicking without worrying about how many exposures I have left on the film or the cost of developing my pictures. I currently reside in Richmond, VA with my two adorable West Highland White Terriers, Bonnie and Baxter.

As a result of this exposure to such different cultures, one of my greatest passions is to travel both in and outside the United States. Much of my photography stems from these travels. In addition to my travels, I enjoy documenting my life closer to home and have developed a keen interest in the textures of objects and nature closer to home. I love both urban and pastoral environments and, when I’m not hiking in the mountains, I can be found exploring less popular Richmond neighborhoods or just relaxing down by the river.

In recent years, I have combined my love of photography with my love of watercolor painting. I produce mixed media paintings that marry ImageWriter print with watercolor. I have exhibited my art in Richmond, VA and occasionally take commissions for my paintings.

This site is dedicated to those of you (and you know who you are) who told me I could, rather than those who tried to persuade me (and you also know who you are) that I couldn’t.