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Back on Home Turf

As an adult, any trip back “home” can be fraught with emotion. And, on a recent trip back to my home town of London, I traveled with a slightly different eye – that of a tourist. I decided before landing at Heathrow Airport that I would take some time away from familial duties to walk around town with my camera  and take photos more with the eye of a tourist and less with the eye of a home town girl.

Greenwich Park

I walked around the suburb of Blackheath, where I grew up, with a very different eye this time. I walked streets I had been down so many times but studied doorways and facades in ways I never had. Even my old primary school now became an object of architecture. I viewed the building where I learned to play the piano with fresh appreciation. The old station, where I had hurriedly caught so many trains, became an object of history. The shops and pubs became the focus of a more mindful attention.

I headed into central London with the same desire – to really see things for the first time. I wandered somewhat aimlessly around Trafalgar Square, Westminster and the Embankment, swimming against the tide of tourists on an uncharacteristically warm and sunny day. My camera was not out of place and I could enjoy the anonymity behind my Canon. I blended into the sea of Nikons and iPhones, indiscriminately snapping views that would no doubt end up in some digital garbage dumps of jpegs. But, as I strolled, again I saw things I had never seen before. I saw details on windows and doors, the colors of flags and pennants, the texture of stones and bricks. I could breathe again after the suffocation of the crowds. And, at that moment, I fell in love again – with my old home town.


The Shard

The Shard


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